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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CTET Paper -II (Social Science) Answer Key Solved Paper for Exam on 29.01.2012

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Solved for Exam held on  29 January 2012 Question Paper -II (Social Science)
Answer Key

CTET January 2012 Question Paper -II
(Social Science)

31 Which of the following combinations of kingdoms was engaged in tripartite struggle?
(1) Pala, Chola, Gurjar-Pratihara
(2) Chola, Rashtrakuta, Pala
(3) Pala, Pallava, Rashtrakuta
(4) Rashtrakuta, Pala, Gurjar-Pratihara (answer)

32 Who of the following was impeached by the British Parliament?
(1) Cornwallis
(2) Charles Clive
(3) Warren Hastings (answer)
(4) T.B. Macaulay

33 Which of the following three universities were established in the year 1857 by the British Government?
(1) Calcutta, Bombay and Delhi
(2) Calcutta, Madras and Bombay (answer)

(3) Calcutta, Madras and Banaras
(4) Calcutta, Bombay and Panjab
34 Chera chieftains ruled in twelfth century in the area presently lying in
(1) Punjab/Haryana
(2) Chhattisgarh / Madhya Pradesh (answer)
(3) Jharkhand / Bihar
(4) Uttrakhand /Uttar Pradesh

35 Which one of the following Sultans used the Banjaras to transport grains to the city markets?
(1) Alauddin Khilji (answer)

(2) Balban
(3) Firoz-Shah Tughlaq
(4) Muhammad-Bin-Tughlag
36 Bidri was
(1) a type of copperware produced in Bidar
(2) an inlay work in copper and silver done by the artisans of Bidar (answer)(3) a type of silk textile produced in Bidar
(4) a type of cotton textile produced in Bidar
37 Tribal people do not keep written records of their past. How do present-day historians write tribal history?
(1) Using tribal mythologies (answer)
(2) Using archaeological sources
(3) Using oral traditions
(4) Using natural traditions
38 Pietra dura was a
(1) Metallurgy technology
(2) Style of decoration of buildings (answer)

(3) Role of succession
(4) Greek god
39 Which of the following was a part of temple architecture of the ninth century?
(1) Rangshala (place to perform dance)
(2) Yagya Vedi (Seat to perform sacred incantation)
(3) Havan Kund (square pyramid shaped pot with open mouth to hold fire)
(4) Decorative gateway (Dwara) (answer)
40 In nuclear power plants, electricity is generated through the process of
(1) atomic vibrations
(2) nuclear fusion
(3) nuclear fission (answer)
(4) nuclear collision
41 The following diagram shows the position of the Earth on a particular day. A,B,C,D and E
are locations on the Earth. Which location will experience longest hours of daylight
(1) D (answer)

(2) A
(3) B
(4) C
42 Tanti, Momin and Devangs communities were engaged in
(1) Pottery making
(2) Leather works
(3) Weaving (answer)
(4) Wood works
43 Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad
(1) as he was not getting enough revenue from North India
(2) to escape from Mongols
(3) to punish Southern rulers
(4) to control his empire effectively as Daulatabad was centrally located (answer)
44 As a consequence of the Revolt of 1857, which of the following was a change initiated by
the British Parliament?

(1) The land and property of prominent Hindu and Muslim citizens who supported the
revolt were confiscated
(2) Pathan and Sikh soldiers were banned from joining the Brithish Indian Army
(3) All ruling chiefs of dthe country were warned that military action would be taken
against them if they support any rebellion
(4) A member of the British Cabinet was appointed Secretary of State for India (answer)
45 In 1720, the British Government enacted a legislation called the Calica Act to(1) produce Calico textiles in England
(2) ban the use of printed cotton textiles Chintz in England (answer)
(3) punish rebels from Calicut
(4) promote Calico industry in England
46 Which type of rainfall is represented in the diagram given below?
(1) Frontal rainfall
(2) Cyclonic rainfall
(3) Orographic rainfall
(4) Convectional rainfall (answer)
47 Wind actions create ‘Mushroom rocs’ which are usually found in
(1) Tropical coastal areas
(2) Hills
(3) Plateaus
(4) Deserts (answer)
48 Vultures in the Indian subcontinent started dying of kidney failure shortly after scavenging
livestock treated with
(1) Aldrin (answer)

(2) Diclofenac
(3) Aspirin
(4) Ibuprofen
49 If Ahmedabad is situated on 72°30 'E longitude, what would be the local time of Ahmedabad if it is 8:00 am Indian Standard Time?
(1) 7:00 am
(2) 8:40 am
(3) 8:00 am
(4) 7:20 am (answer)

50 ‘Blackfoot Indian’ is a
(1) migrant Indian in Canada
(2) disease prevalent in Nicobar Islands
(3) native tribe of North America (answer)
(4) plantation worker in Cuba

51 Ahmedabad is a hub of cotton textile industry. Which of the following is one of the factors
for flourishing textile industries in Ahmedabad?

(1) Availability of cheap labour-force
(2) It is situated close to cotton growing area (answer)
(3) Its easy access to the Tuticorin Port
(4) Industrial Policy of the Indian Government
52 A historical site is a place where
(1) excavation activities are done
(2) history-loving people gather
(3) historians write history
(4) relics of the past are found (answer)
53 Which of the following combinations planets is known as ‘gaseous planets’?
(1) Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Neptune
(2) Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn
(3) Mars, Venus, Saturn, Uranus
(4) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (answer)
54 What is ‘Common Era’?
(1) A new Era developed by amalgamation of Hindu Era and Islamic Era
(2) A new era to study historical events
(3) Christian Era which is now accepted in major parts of the world (answer)(4) Indian Era accepted by the government to issue notices
55 The East India Company used the Diwani revenue from Bengal primarily in
(1) building schools, colleges and universities
(2) purchasing cotton and silk textiles in India
(3) amassing stocks of gold and silver to replenish the dwindling stocks in Britain (answer)
(4) constructing bridges and roads
56 Which of the following tribal societies was divided into khels?
(1) Bhil (answer)

(2) Gond
(3) Ahom
(4) Santhal
57 Plantations, a type of commercial farming, require a large amount of
(1) only capital
(2) land and labour (answer)
(3) labour and capital
(4) land and capital
58 The division of the period of Indian History into ‘Ancient’, of the period of Indian History
into ‘Ancient’, ‘Medieval’, and ‘Modern’ also has problems. Which of the following is one of
the problems in it?

(1) Three periods are insufficient to describe Indian History
(2) The concept has been borrowed from the West where Modern period was associated with science, reason, democracy, liberty and equality (answer)
(3) Indian History seems to have clear lines of distinction between ‘Ancient’, and ‘Medieval’, and ‘Medieval’ and ‘Modern, period
(4) Tripartite division reflects gradual growth of the Indian State
59 The East India Company set up a factory in Bengal on the banks of Hugli in 1651 to
(1) establish a base from which the factors could operate (answer)

(2) manufacture cotton textiles for exporting to England
(3) buy spices for sending them to England
(4) buy Indigo (Neel) from local farmers to send it to England
60 Why did Jatis emerge within Varnas, which became the basis to organize Indian society?
(1) Jatis and Varnas are one and the same
(2) Fierce opposition against Varna system gave way to development of Jatis
(3) Due to gradual expansion in social and economic needs of the people, people with new skill-sets were required (answer)
(4) There was a problem in integrating tribal people into Varna system
61 The question-answer technique can be quite effective in teaching Social Science as it ensures
(1) students come into class well-prepared
(2) a more disciplined class
(3) an active participation by learners (answer)
(4) students’ ability to respond better in examination
62 A teacher while explaining agricultural practices discusses case studies on agricultural practices in India and the USA. Which aspect of learning is she/he focusing on?
(1) Ability to learn by comparing and contrasting through concrete examples (answer)

(2) Ability to understand the concept
(3) Ability to interpret and explain
(4) Ability to make a better project
63 Media is no longer considered independent because of its close links with
(1) Civil society
(2) Government agencies (answer)

(3) Business houses
(4) NGOs
64 The Government of India appointed a committee headed by Justice Rajinder Sachar to examine the social, economic and educational status of which of the following communities?
(1) Muslim (answer)
(2) Jain
(3) Sikh
(4) Anglo-Indian
65 In order to promote the process of cooperative learning, the teacher should
(1) allot individual assignment to each student
(2) assign group projects (answer)
(3) engage students in debate and discussions
(4) divide the class into groups of homogeneous ability
66 One of the most important and effective methods of teaching History at elementary level is
(1) Story-telling method (answer)

(2) Lecture method
(3) Discussion method
(4) Question-answer method
67 Showcasing adivasis as wearing colourful costumes, headgear and dancing often results in
(1) discriminating against such groups (answer)

(2) promoting adivasi culture
(3) demonstrating the diversity of Indian culture
(4) attracting attention of the world to the plight of poor adivasis
68 According to the Indian Constitution, the right empowering citizens to move to High Court or Supreme Court if they believe that any of their Fundamental Rights has been violated by the State, is
(1) Right to constitutional remedies (answer)

(2) Right against exploitation
(3) Right to equality
(4) Right to life
69 While teaching the concept of ‘Weather and Climate’, what would be the most appropriate
activity to make students understand the various elements of weather?

(1) Write answers to the questions related to weather in the not book
(2) Solve the worksheet provided by the teacher based on the elements of weather
(3) Collect the weather report of five consecutive days from the newspaper and stick in their notebooks (answer)
(4) Ask them to draw the symbols of elements of weather
70 In teaching of Social Sciences, the emotions of children are most easily aroused not by words but by sights and sounds, for which the most effective way of teaching is through
(1) Classroom discussions
(2) Project method
(3) Lecture method
(4) Field trips and surveys (answer)
71 While teaching ‘Poverty,’ which strategy would be most appropriate?
(1) Ask students to read from the textbook and explain the difficult words
(2) Prepare notes and deliver and good lecture
(3) Give hand-outs to students and explain
(4) Engage students in debate and discussions (answer)
72 ‘Team Teaching’
(1) is a way out to manage with the shortage of teachers
(2) encourages healthy competition among teams of teachers in a school
(3) involves small teams of students as per their ability
(4) involves teams of teachers to optimize resources, interest and expertise (answer)
73 The National Curriculum Framework 2005, suggests that instead of ‘Civics’ the term ‘Political Science’ be used because
(1) ‘Political Science’ will provide political training
(2) The term ‘Civics’ was coined in the Raj era and is associated with obedience and loyalty
(3) ‘Political Science’ is taught at a higher level of education, therefore schools should prepare grounds for it
(4) ‘Political Science’ is a globally recognized field of study (answer)
74 While dealing with ‘Social Equality’, what should be the most appropriate approach for teaching?
(1) Explaining in detail the practice of untouchability
(2) Explaining the concept as described in the textbook
(3) Giving a project to students to review texts relating to ‘Social Equality
(4) Citing the experiences of the communities that make up the social and cultural milieu of the child (answer)
75 Cultural, social and class differences generate their own biases and prejudices in the contexts of classrooms. The approach to teaching therefore needs to be
(1) Project-oriented
(2) Discussion-oriented (answer)
(3) Open-ended
(4) Lecture method
76 While teaching an issue sensitive to a particular community, but described in the textbook,
(1) the teacher should ask students to make notes on these in the library or at home
(2) the teacher should respect the textbook and explain the facts as given
(3) the teacher should write to the authorities to omit the contentious topic from the curriculum
(4) the teacher should explain the concept with sensitivity and firm commitment while respecting the dignity of all students (answer)
77 The first hour of every sitting of the Lok Sabha is called
(1) Privilege hour
(2) Zero hour
(3) Question hour (answer)
(4) Public hour
78 All Indians should have a right to vote irrespective of their socio-economic status. This idea
can be associated with

(1) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(2) B.R Ambedkar (answer)

(3) Jawaharlal Nehru
(4) Mahatma Gandhi

79 In order to promote interactive environment in a Social Science class, which of the following approaches would be most suitable?
(1) Showing documentaries (answer)

(2) Dictation and practice
(3) Frequent testing
(4) Lecture and explanation
80 Which amongst the following is associated with oral reasoning?
(1) Narrating an algorithm
(2) Imitating peers
(3) Writing an article by pronouncing words loudly
(4) Impromptu application and extrapolation of concepts (answer)
81 Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has
(1) hampered government functioning
(2) increased access to justice (answer)
(3) hampered the delivery of justice
(4) led to a decrease in judicial activism
82 ‘Right to Education’ is a fundamental Right under Article 21 which deals with ‘Right to Life’
(1) only an educated person has right to life
(2) education is life
(3) not all people had right to education
(4) education helps in leading a dignified life (answer)
83 ‘Child-centered’ pedagogy is(1) to teach children in small child care centers to ensure individual attention
(2) teaching as per the desire of a child
(3) teacher explains the concept by standing in the centre with children encircling her
(4) giving primacy to children’s experiences, their voices, and their active participation (answer)
84 The major purpose of assessment in Social Science should be to(1) predict the learners’ chances of pursuing a successful career in humanities
(2) gauge the extent of the knowledge of content acquired by learners
(3) maintain a desirable academic quality of knowledge in the students passing out
(4) provide credible feedback on the extent to which educational objectives have been achieved (answer)
85 The book ‘Social and Political Life –II’ advocates which of the following forms of evaluation,
among other forms?

(1) Written mode of examination
(2) Open book exercises (answer)

(3) Personal interviews
(4) IT (computer) enabled evaluation
86 ‘Learning Without Burden (1993)’ recommended that learning in Social Sciences should
(1) continue to follow the epistemological framework of highlighting developmental issues
(2) help in the retention of important information
(3) promote developing concepts and abilities to analyse socio-political realities (answer)
(4) develop skills relevant to jobs
87 A trainee teacher writes one of the instructional objectives as ‘students shall be able to describe the meaning of democracy’. In which domain shall this objective fall?
(1) Skill
(2) Synthesis
(3) Comprehension (answer)
(4) Analysis
88 ‘Social and Political Life’ textbooks use which of the following methods to contextualize education to a child’s world?
(1) They incorporate lesser number of pictures to avoid distractors
(2) They astutely intermingle the social and political lives of Indian people
(3) They use a lot of case studies and narratives in a mix of rural and urban examples (answer)

(4) They cite results of many surveys done in this reference

89 ‘Putting out system’ is
(1) whereby merchants supply raw material and receive finished product (answer)
(2) whereby merchants sell their merchandise on instalments
(3) whereby merchants force labourers to work for extra hours
(4) whereby merchants give advances and receive the pro duct

90 C.K. Janu is a very eminent
(1) Anthropologist
(2) Adivasi activist (answer)
(3) Environmentalist
(4) Script writer

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    Many blog visitors having problem with hindi font and .pdf format, so to overcome these difficulties here the answers with/of HINDI not in Devnagri script but in Roman script

    121.Bhasha ka prathmik roop hai

    122.'Ganit,vigyan,samajik vigyan ki...
    ANS-Vibhinn vishyon k shikshan...

    123.Tamil bhashi SUHAIL praayah 'bhajan'...
    ANS-TAMIL aur HINDI...

    124.Kahaniyan bachchon k vikas...
    ANS-Ye bachchon ki kalpana...

    125.Hindi bhasha ki pathya pustak...
    ANS-Lokgeeto se sambandh rajyon...

    126.Bhasha ki kaksha mein konsi shikshan...
    ANS-Doosron ki hast likhit...

    127.Lekhan kushalta ka vikas karne...

    128.Nimnlikit mein se kis uddeshya k liye...
    ANS-Bhasha ka vyakaran seekhna...

    129.Bhasha ki prakrti k sambandh...
    ANS-Bhasha kathorta se...

    130.Prathmik istar par aap kahaniyan...
    ANS-Ghatnao, shehro...

    131.Bahubhashik kaksha k sandharbh mein...
    ANS-Hindi patho mein aaye...

    132.Hindi bhasha k satat aur vyapak...
    ANS-Yeh bacchcho ko uttirn...

    133.Kalika hindi bhasha mein bolte...
    ANS-Dhairya rakhte huye...

    134.Bachcho ki pathan kushalta ka...
    ANS-Vibhinn sandharbho se...

    135.Bhasha arjan k sambandh mein...
    ANS-Bhasha k niyam...

    136.Lekhika k anusar apni baat...
    ANS-Baat kehne ka tarika...

    137.Samvaad tabhi sarthak hota h...
    ANS-kehne sunne vale...

    138.'khamoshi hi bolne lagti h...
    ANS-Jab kuch bachche...

    139.Lekhika k anusar
    ANS-Ek shikshak apne bachcho...

    140.'Mehetavapoorn' shabd h

    141.Nimnlikit mein se kaun sa shabd...

    142.'Is sawaal ka jawab to...

    143.SYOMKA aur FEDKA hain
    ANS-Vidhyarthiyo k naam

    144.Lekhak k anusar veh padhayee...
    ANS-Jiska upyog bachche apne...

    145.Bachche dher saari jaankaari...
    ANS-Aatmik Vikas nhi kr sakte

    146.Bachche bahut kuch swatah hi...
    ANS-Ve cheejo ko vyavahaar...

    147.Vyavaharik jeevan mein upyog...
    ANS-Ye baate vyavaharik jeevan...

    148.'Nivaasi' ka bahuvachan...

    149.Nimnlikhit mein se kaun sa chitran...

    150.'Fark' ka samanarthi h

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    kya ye govt.chunav ke bad Ncte ke niyam badal kar sabhi b.ed.ko hamesa ke liye prt ke liye patra bana diya jayega,agar aisa karna hi hai to abhi kyo nahi,aur agar aisa hota bhi hai to fir to NCTE khud par ek prashn chinh laga rahi hai,fir koi bhi state govt.uske rules ko manne ko badhya bhi nahi honi chahiye.

  27. The answer of Q.No.48 is DICLOFENAC.
    Because Vultures eat dead animals treated with diclofenac drug. This drug causes toxicity in vultures.

  28. Hi!MUSKAN JI
    im "LKY"
    AP JO BHI h, apne uptet and ctet ki aneko jankariya hame time se uplabdh karwayi
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    socil scnc- k qus..56 me apne bhil ans diya h jabki sahi ans "AHOM" h.
    ap ncert class7, hamare atit-2 ka page no.100 dekh skti ho....usme saaf saaf likha h.
    56 Which of the following tribal societies was divided into khels?
    (1) Bhil (your answer)
    (2) Gond
    (3) Ahom (RIGHT answer)
    (4) Santhal


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